• Charter Schools Slammed in Ohio Papers

    April 10th, 2014

    Since taking office, Governor Kasich has cut more than over $500 million from Ohio’s public schools and increased funding for failing charter schools.  In recent days, almost every major newspaper in Ohio has run a story or an editorial about this flawed system. We’ve pointed to the governor’s cuts to public education for some time. Check out what others are saying about the failing charter schools into which our tax dollars are flowing:

    Akron Beacon Journal

    “Charter schools have changed the landscape of public education in Ohio. For the most part, the changes have worked to the detriment of traditional public school districts. As a three-part report in the Beacon Journal this week demonstrates, this unfortunate result is due largely to state laws that have imposed financial burdens on districts without ensuring consistent oversight and accountability for the use of public funds by privately operated charter schools.”

    The Columbus Dispatch

    “While Ohio lawmakers fail to take steps to hold charter schools more accountable for how they use millions of dollars in tax money, evidence mounts that this lax approach yields bad results……. This has left little way to judge whether public money is being spent reasonably, and the abysmal academic track record of some of the biggest recipients suggests it often isn’t.”

    Youngstown Vindicator

    “Democratic lawmakers announced legislation Tuesday that would require increased scrutiny and access to certain records of charter schools that receive public funding.

    “The growing problem is we don’t know how most of these taxpayer dollars are being spent,”(State Senator Joe) Schiavoni said.”


    Click here to sign our petition asking Governor Kasich to support public education.

    Read Their Stories – Then Share Yours

    April 4th, 2014

    Over the past few months we’ve been hearing from Ohioans across the state about their experiences living in John Kasich’s Ohio. The stories that you and your neighbors have shared have illustrated what so many of us have been feeling. That while the Governor says this are getting better life hasn’t been getting easier for average Ohioans. Below you’ll find a small sample of what we’ve been hearing. After you’ve read these take a moment to share your story of life in John Kasich’s Ohio.

    In 2011 Gov. Kasich referred to a Columbus Police Officer as an IDIOT out of a traffic stop in which Kasich claimed the officer was unprofessional and rude. Little did he know there was a video of the stop.  The video showed the officer to be very professional during the traffic stop and no misconduct was observed.  Kasich lied about the incident and had to swallow his pride and make a public apology.  I always voted republican but because of this and his gang of republicans trying to push SB 5 two years ago I have voted democrat and will never vote for another republican as long as I live. -Terry E., Delaware County

    I am a retired Master Sargent with the Ohio Air National Guard and served a tour in South East Asia during the Vietnam War. I served 36 years in the military both on active duty and in the reserve force. After the military, I worked eleven years for the Conrail and NS railroads before retiring for good. Governor Romney and John Kasich would call me a “taker” because I take military and railroad retirements. My wife Donna went on Social Security and Medicaid early because she has end stage renal failure and has fought that valiantly for 10 years. While I was serving in the active military she volunteered in the Air Force Family Services office helping families of men deployed to wartime assignments, younger service member families making ends meet on low pay, and new arrivals to the airbases we were assigned. I am now am her caretaker since she no longer can walk or do house- keeping due to her partial paralysis. We still are more fortunate than most and tell each other we have each other and the memories of a lot of good times. That is why we are interested in making things better for the less fortunate.

    - MSgt. Kristopher B., Franklin County

    First, let me say, I have never voted for Kasich nor will I in the future. I am a single, self- supporting woman. I own my own home in Lakewood, Ohio. I was struggling to maintain my home on a woman’s salary of 77 cents compared to the $1.00 of a man’s. Although this is not Kasich’s fault, if he is not part of the solution he is part of the problem. Now with even more property taxes and other assorted dumb taxes, my 77 cents doesn’t even cover a happy meal. Kasich has yet to fight for the people of this state, which I would like to remind him is his job, Honestly, if people would stop voting for anyone that does not do his/her job, this state and country would probably be in a better state than it is. People need to remember that these people’s job is working for us and if they are not they have to go. If the tables were turned they wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of us. – Renee H., Cuyahoga County

    I have always spent a lot on my house and kept it looking nice. I assume I am the neighbor everyone wants ….but I have also always paid more in property taxes than the average too. Now that I am about to turn 65 and other costs keep escalating like medical care, supplemental healthcare, inflation, etc… on a fixed income. I was looking forward to the “Homestead Exemption Act” to give me a break since everything else is going up in cost, but “no thanks to Kasich.” I find that Kasich has taken this exemption away since I make a little over $30,000 per year and Kasich has given my tax cut to his wealthy cronies! What’s wrong with this picture?? Please send Kasich back to Lehman Brothers, all he can do is cause another great recession there??? – J. Moreland, Montgomery County

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